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BOLIVIA Azmera Haven Retreat | PRAYER CALENDAR | March 10

Please join us in prayer today for these beautiful women who will be attending out Bolivia retreat.

Pray for:

A: For a healthy and safe pregnancy of her third child. Pray for her as she walks through this pregnancy while still maintaining a balance of caring for her family, as well as the day-to-day responsibilities of life and ministry, that she would find her heart and focus to stay on God, that He would give her the energy and rest that she needs.

R: She desires to have healthy and quality relationships with those on her team; pray she would look for opportunities to reach out, to be vulnerable, to be a kind and gentle servant. Pray she would allow God to continue to transform her even more into His image.

C: As she and her husband transition back to the mission field after being in the States for 12 years - for their adjustment not just to a new culture and way of living, but especially in moving away from their children and grandchildren. Pray that their entire family will adjust easier than anticipated, and that God would have some very special friendships and relationships in place to help fill the gaps and provide the necessary support.

Thanks for praying with us, Friends! May you have a blessed Friday!

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