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BOLIVIA Azmera Haven Retreat | PRAYER CALENDAR | March 8 & 9

Thanks so much for checking out our Prayer Calendar, and for being willing to cover this retreat, the volunteers and attendees in prayer. The power of prayer should never be underestimated. We have designed this prayer calendar as a guide for you as you pray, so please feel free to pray in freedom as the Holy Spirit leads.

March 8

The Bolivia Haven Retreat starts one week from today!

Pray for the volunteers and attendees as the retreat draws near. Pray for hearts and minds to begin softening as God prepares each woman to encounter Him in specific and special ways. Pray for travel as volunteers begin making their way to Bolivia. Pray for the attendees and volunteers as they leave behind family, jobs, ministries and responsibilities to make time for themselves to be refreshed, renewed and encouraged. Pray for confidence that God sees all the little details and will provide accordingly.

Pray for:

C: God’s guidance and presence for her and her husband as they serve, especially coming out of a very difficult year. Pray for their hearts and minds to be restored and renewed, to continue to look to Jesus to be the provider of all their needs.

J: For new ministries that are beginning; for their family as their children begin leaving home to start new chapters of life - as they all will face a season of adjustment and transition as they learn a new way of living apart and differently, that God will provide the friendships and support for each member of their family.

March 9

Pray for:

L: As her family begins to transition to the next part of their journey for them to be filled with peace, hope and confidence in God as He leads. They would trust Him with every step and be aware of His presence and power as He walks before them.

M: As she transitions and settles into life in Argentina after leaving Papua New Guinea, that she would make genuine friendships, find a good support system, and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

D: For so much peace and comfort after losing their son and ministry in Bolivia; they would sense God's presence, love and grace surround them as they grieve and begin to find a new rhythm in life. For continued hope and confidence as God leads and provides for new ministries and relationships, they would keep their eyes and hearts on Him.

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