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KENYA Azmera Haven Retreat | Commune with God

"Commune with God and Connect with Others"...those are the two objectives an Azmera Haven Retreat hopes to achieve in the lives of the women attending. Tracey Hagman, our speaker, shared three principles that have enhanced her communion with God–seeking Him intentionally, fully obeying what one is called to do, and renewing the mind through the truth of the Word. Tracey, a missionary currently serving in Kenya, related well to her audience. Through humor and blatant honesty in each morning's message, she confirmed that spending time with Lord was not an easy task. With heads nodding in agreement, most women have found themselves putting their service to the Lord above the time they spend with the Lord.

And so the process of renewal begins.

In the breakout sessions after each of Tracey's talks, our Connection Circles opened up to one another about the possibility of drawing closer to God once again. With much support toward one another, each woman was able to exhale and relax. Perhaps during my free time this afternoon I could spend time in solitude and seek the Lover of my soul...again.

Oftentimes, when we commune collectively with God in worship, we also connect deeply with others. Toya, serving in Cameroon, received the news that her country was in civil unrest. With this sudden turn of events, she was not sure if she would even be able to return after the retreat was over. She expressed deep concern for the safety of her community. Women immediately encircled her. Prayer commenced with hands placed upon her. There was a depth of knowing in each prayer lifted–these women were no stranger to this kind of turmoil. Psalm 91 was read out loud in a voice so powerful, it was evident God was aware too and intended to enter into this communion as our great Defender.

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