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Life Transformation #GivingTuesday

Yay for #GivingTuesday! ~ Here's what Jenny wrote after our ISRAEL Azmera Haven Retreat: "Life back in Mombasa is amazing. I can not tell you enough how much the retreat has refocused my energy on the Lord and is transcending and transforming my day to day. 3 months ago, I was finding my home visits exhausted and dreading to walk into my workshop (deff. spiritual attacks) Now I am brave, have my courage back, speak of Jesus daily and am being energized by my home visits. I thank Azmera for allowing me to focus in and trust in the Lord with the direction He is leading me. So many crazy amazing God appointments have happened since Azmera and I know that is because I am fully trusting in Him again and not trying to do it on my own. I feel revived and I am daily keeping my ears open to the Holy Spirit which has completely changed my day to day and listening to Him. If my plans change because the Spirit leads me else where, it is ok! because! I am telling you God Divine appointments... So much to say. But in all of that. Thank you for reminding me to care for myself and my relationship with Christ so that I can better serve my husband, my little boy Jadon and my women. This past month has been one in the books and I am thankful again for you ladies serving me so well."

Yes, Azmera is an official 501c3 and our income is based solely on donations. Yes, your donations are tax deductible. Yes, you can be a part of impacting women who are impacting the world. Yes, we host 3 life changing international haven retreats a year. Yes, we're working to provide ongoing care for women serving overseas. Yes, you can be a part through praying, volunteering, and your financial gift. Yes, please consider giving on Giving Tuesday. GRATEFUL!

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