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Israel Azmera Haven Retreat 2016 | Commune with Yeshua

As for me and my house

We will serve You Lord

Lifting holy hands in worship

We will not bow down to the gods of men

We will worship the God of Israel

You are Holy, Holy

There is no one else like You

You are Holy, Holy

There is no one else like you, LORD

Kadosh, kasoh Ata

Ein kamocha Adonai

Kadosh, kasoh Ata

Ein kamoch Adonai

What did it look like to “Commune With Yeshua”? Hands lifted high, singing worship in English when it had been months since the last time, dancing with joy, bowing before the Father, digging into His word, Lectio Divina, coloring, solitude, Proverbs 23 bracelets, anointing, etc. with American, Israeli, German, British, Dutch, and Canadian women. All part of the healing and encouraging process across nationalities. As J said as she was leaving, “I’ve got my self back. I’ve got my joy back.”

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