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Israel Azmera Haven Retreat 2016 | Katie's Story

Sep 21:

Katie (on right, pictured with our volunteer Jayna) just arrived in Israel in August with anticipation of military life overseas with her new husband. She came with a heart to be used by G-d and had even contacted some agencies involved in Israel, seeking an outreach to plug into. No one had replied. While looking for opportunities to connect, she found the military wives Facebook group. One day a woman, Kristy, boldly posted about a retreat for believers. Katie was so excited and a little apprehensive. She reached out to this Kristy to find out a little more. With her husband’s blessing and encouragement, she decided to attend.

Little did she know ALL G-d had in store. Katie & Kristy came to the retreat with a little hesitation. After all, they weren’t full time workers and they weren’t sure how they might fit in. Katie came so longing for connection as she and her husband are living remotely. When she sat down at her Connection Circle, she recognized one of the Israeli women. She had been an usher at the church she recently attended. R did not yet recognize her. As they enjoyed the time of connection they realized that G-d had not only put them in a group together, but G-d had also put them in the same city. Katie is overjoyed to not only have a new friend, but also know of sweet ways to be involved in the work in her city, even after just arriving weeks ago.

The days that followed here at the retreat found her in awe of G-d’s love for her as she was showered with gifts, love, and connection. With joy, smiling from ear to ear, she explains that at this haven retreat, she has been “Sent Off” to do His work in Israel.

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