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We've Arrived - Soon to be joined by the rest of our team!

The first group arrived yesterday and the rest of our sweet volunteer team are en route! We are anxious to have them join us and look forward to continuing to grow closer in friendship with one another and to bond as the amazing team God has already designed us to be! This first day has been not only focused on getting over our jet lag, but it has given us the opportunity to start exploring our surroundings.

After a beautiful sunrise over Tiberias, a few of our ladies had the opportunity to go over and dip their toes in the Jordan river - a delight for all!

This afternoon, we all had the opportunity to visit an organization called Sinydyanna of Galilee - just a short drive from the hotel. It is an organization that is working to bring Jew, Arab, and Christians together to work and learn to live together in harmony. There are many challenges, but they recognize the difficulties and strive to set the example for those in their communities.

While there, we had an educational experience as we were taught how to properly taste olive oil for their fine qualities; complete with warming the olive in the little cups in our hand, to sniffing, and then sipping. We then had the joy of buying all sorts of trinkets from the fine olive oils, olive oil soaps, lotions, and spices and other food items. It was a wonderful opportunity to get out and about and spread our shopping wings!

Upon returning to the hotel, a group of our ladies had the opportunity to go take a swim in the Sea of Galilee; just a short walk from our hotel. It was a beautiful experience to relax in the water and watch the sunset in the west. The end to a lovely day! Stay tuned... more to come as we welcome the rest of our team tomorrow!



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