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Prayer Requests & Prayers

May 14, 2020

Kenya is struggling with lack of food due to many things great flooding in the northern region of Kenya and locusts as well. Economy is at a stand still and people need food. We are doing what we can for our families at Heshima. We are thankful as the Lord provides for all of us. Please pray for Kenya and its people. Also pray for our family to have wisdom as we continue to make decisions each day. The Lord is so good! T. - Kenya

We are so happy to come alongside you in prayer. We are praying for God to move miraculously in the lives of those who need tangible things - like food and income, that His church will rise up and meet needs as they are able. We are praying that you continue to see His hand of provision in all you do as you give what you can to care for those in your lives. We are asking that you would be given the wisdom and discernment you desire as you ask for it, and that in all things you see God at work and that He would be glorified in all things.

May 14, 2020

Pray for my emotional health as I wade through a deep well of emotions during COVID-19 in Ecuador. Because of my age I am not permitted to leave our property. We have a large apartment, but 'not being allowed to leave' is difficult right now, knowing if I take the risk of going for a walk I could be heavily fined and/or imprisoned. I've been on Sabbatical since early January. I am also struggling with the my spouse's nervous habits and his denial of having issues with confinement. S. - U.S.

Hi, we are so glad to pray with and for you. We are praying that God would cover you with His protection, presence and peace - over your heart and over your mind. We are asking that you would know His presence and bring all thoughts, fears and worries before Him and that He will ease your anxiety as you praise Him and focus your heart and eyes on Him. We are praying that you will be kept healthy and safe and will find ways to get out and breathe deeply of fresh air without fear of punishment. We are also praying for your husband, that God would speak calm and peace to his heart and mind and that he would know that God is sovereign and good and will always provide for your needs. We are asking that your marriage would be strengthened even as it is tested and there is tension, that there would always be a common ground of Jesus and His love for both of you. Finally, we are praying that you would know joy and delight in the good things God gives you, that you would see Him tangibly at work in and around you and that would bring encouragement and light to your heart.

Mar 31, 2020

​Would you to pray for my godmother? She is a New Zealander in her 50's; I got a text from her informing me about her sore throat and a nasty headache. She rang her helpline for Covid-19, they informed her that she will be tested tomorrow morning (04.01.2020) New Zealand time. Pray for a good result. Please keep me in your prayers as I am a midwife and I can't stay home, I work at a women's hospital 6 days per week. B. - Cambodia

We are so happy to be able to come alongside you in prayer. We are praying for your godmother, that she will be given a clean bill of health, and will be suffering nothing more than a common cold or allergies. We are praying that both she and you, and your families, will be able to have peace of mind as you trust God to be with you and give you what you need as the need arises. We are praying that you will be protected and covered from head to foot as you go out and work and serve the women who need you as they carry precious life within them. We are asking that God will calm your fears and speak peace over the anxiety and worry that creep in as you go about your routine. We are praying that you will find time to spend time with the Lord and allow Him to minister to your heart and refresh your spirit and your mind.

Mar 29, 2020

Prayer for peace instead of fear; wisdom on how/when to reach out and share God’s love with the community and serve when under “lockdown.” Extra patience and energy for serving the kids at the orphanage where we live when none are in school. J. - Mexico

We are praying for you to know the absolute peace of God to overcome the fear, that you will walk in hope and confidence that God is capable, sovereign and good. We are asking that you will have wisdom and discernment in how you love the community and come alongside them during the lock downs and change of routine and pace within your community. We pray that you will be given an abundance of patience, energy, compassion and grace for the kids you love on and minister to, And we also pray that you will find sweet moments of rest and communion with your Father, that you will allow Him to continually fill you up as you pour out to those around you.

Mar 29, 2020

My family and I have recently finished our service and returned to Australia. We have left our home town where we lived pre-mission and I'm struggling without my normal girlfriend/support network. Our marriage is struggling also without the common ground of mission and being on the field together as this was what initially drew my husband and I together.  S. - Indonesia/Australia

We are praying with you! We are praying that you will find community and friendships where you are now, and that the friendships you have will be rekindled through this new season of online connection, that your heart will be encouraged and be refreshed through reaching out to others; we are praying that you will not be afraid of reaching out but will be bold and courageous in asking others to come alongside you, We are asking that you and your husband find common ground again, and that someone will come alongside you to help you in this season of struggle in your marriage. We are praying that you will give yourself and your husband grace as you adjust to moving and a new pace of life, and that you will know joy and laughter together. We are praying for you to find quiet moments to spend with the Lord each day, that you will find rest and protection in Him as He longs to sit with you and restore your soul.

Mar 29, 2020

My family is together at my parents house, five in total. My brother has been going back to bad habits - it is like the enemy wants to destroy my family again. My parents are elderly with chronic illness that put them in higher risk of COVID-19. For God open doors for me, and provide a job. I feel hopeless due to the pandemic. For Ecuador to get the resources needed to fight this pandemic, for the poor, lost and broken to be saved and kept safe. M. - Ecuador

We are praying with you! We are praying for protection over your household - for your parents to be kept healthy and safe from all kinds of sickness, for them to be set apart from the stress and worry that having their adult children live with them brings; we are praying that you will be a source of light and encouragement to your family. We are asking that the strongholds in your brother's life, heart and mind will be broken in the name of Jesus, that he will walk in freedom and redemption. We are praying that God will provide for you as you need, and that in His provision He will restore your soul and bring new life to your heart, that you will turn to Him and trust Him to be the Hope and light where it feels hopeless and dark. We are praying for the country and people of Ecuador to be wise and choose safety for themselves, and to be given the resources needed to keep healthy.

Mar 29, 2020

I was diagnosed with ovarian canver January 24 (microscopic, aggressive, no symptoms). Following an operation, I am now on chemotherapy. Please pray I would receive the number of sessions my body needs, as my oncologist has warned that the chemotherapy center may need to close as the virus spreads. Please pray that all I do and say would bring honor and glory to God, that people would come to know him through my journey. Please pray that I would not be fearful. D. - England

We are so humbled to come alongside you in prayer. We are praying for complete and absolute healing throughout your entire body, that what is not from God will be removed and healed in the Name of Jesus. We are praying that you will receive all of the treatments you need, that God will protect you as you go through this healing process. We are asking that all those who journey with you - and witness your journey - will be encouraged, inspired and drawn to the heart of our loving heavenly Father, that God will be glorified through you and your faithfulness to Him. We are praying that God will continually cast out the spirit of fear, anxiety and darkness, that you will be filled with light, with hope, with peace that God is for you and that He is sovereign and good, always.

Mar 29, 2020

Please pray for my husband and I (as we are the pastors) as we lead our church through all this. The province of Alberta has said now no more than 15 can meet together. Please pray that we will have the wisdom needed to navigate this and that God will continue to encounter His people.  C. - Canada

We are praying with you! We thank God for your faithful service to Him and to the people in your community. We are praying that you will be given wisdom and discernment as you ask for it, that you will be creative and inventive in the ways you connect to your church and community, and that you will see God moving in powerful ways as you trust and follow Him. We are praying that your own walks and encounters with God will deepen and be filled with light and joy in this dark and turbulent time, 

Mar 29, 2020

I'm still praying about the next step God has for me and the patience to wait during this quarantine period. It seems pointless to attempt a job hunt at this time, but I have reached out regarding a couple of volunteer opportunities. We'll see what happens. M. - United States

We are praying for you to know peace in this period of quarantine and waiting. We pray that you would find time to be still and attentive to the voice of God, as He longs to sit with you and speak love and peace over you. We are asking that God will give you direction and clarity as He leads you toward the next thing He has in store for you, that you would be filled with excitement and joy as you wait on Him, as you trust Him and as you walk in faith. 

Mar 29, 2020

I came to India as my father-in-law passed away, I was with my mother-in-law for 40 days (it’s tradition that you stay in the house for 40 days if someone passes away in your family). The 42nd day I was supposed to leave but India has a lock down and now I am stuck here, my girls and my husband are in Poland. Please pray for my safe return to Poland. I miss my family. P. - Poland

Oh friend, we are praying for you. We are praying that God will move the mountains for your safe and quick return to your family in Poland. We thank Him for His provision for you to be with your family in India during this time of loss, and thank Him for being faithful and with you as you are apart from your husband and girls. We ask Him to meet you right where you are and speak comfort, hope and love over you. We are praying for your family in Poland as they miss you and eagerly wait for you, that He will stand in the gap for you and provide for their needs as you are away. 

Mar 29, 2020

My daughter's wedding June 27 may have to be postponed. Travel restrictions may make it difficult to get to the States for this event. Pray for God to stay our hearts. M. - SE Asia

We are praying for you, for you to know comfort and peace in your heart and mind a you look ahead to the next several months and the unknowns-to-us, that you would choose to trust God and His timing in all things. We are asking that God will open doors and make a way for you to get home to be with your family at the appointed time. We are praying for your daughter to know peace and confidence  in God, that He is with her and He loves her so much. We are also praying that you will allow God to stay your hearts whatever may come, that you will be firmly rooted in Him and know no fear as He stands and fights for you.

Mar 29, 2020

Fruitful labor - women from the local jail will use the Bible stories they receive. We will see some taking leadership in growing in their faith and teaching others. Opportunity to share Christ also to guards, officers, interns and other jail officials. Timing to go back for Home Assignment and visit elderly parents in June. Able to go on our planned trip to Israel for a sabbatical in September. N. - Philippines

We are praying for you to see the fruits of your labor, especially in the context of the work your do with the jail and the community there. We are asking that you would know peace as you continue to minister and love people in your neighborhood and community and that the resources you give people will be filled with the Holy Spirit and will be used by Him to draw people to God. We are praying that you would have wisdom as you look ahead to the coming year with the plans you desire for Sabbatical and a season of rest and renewal in Israel; we're asking that you turn your ears towards Jesus' voice and listen to Him as He leads you. We pray that you will be blessed and know a fountain of joy within you as you walk with God.

Mar 29, 2020

My family and I are with YWAM preparing to launch a a new training location in Pisa, Italy in March of 2021. Because of COVID-19 we may have to postpone to spring of 2022. We want to hear this from the Lord though. Clarity, peace over us all as a team (8), confirmation, a ‘go ahead’ or ‘stay’, cancelling of fear, rising of truth and rest. C. - United States/Italy

We are so delighted to come alongside you and pray with you! We are praying that God will block out any voice, thought or idea that is not from Him, that you will lean in towards His voice and attune your ears to Him and Him only. We are praying that you will - as a team - know that clarity of His voice as He leads, and have peace as He leads. We are praying that you will each pay attention to any unrest or struggle in your hearts and minds, and bring those things to be brought under the covering of the cross. We ask that you all would claim truth and the peace of God to cover your as you trust Him and walk with Him. And lastly we pray that you would find a deep rest and renewal for your hearts and soul in this season of unrest and unknowns.

Mar 29, 2020

We currently live and working in Uganda. We were meant to move back to Canada in May but decided to bump up our departure to mid-April as I am a physician and anticipated that I would be more useful in Canada, however, Uganda's borders are now closed to commercial flights and borders are closed for the next 32 days. Would love prayer for Uganda, for our health, the health of our parents in Canada and wisdom and grace to navigate this season well, and bring glory to our King. L.

We are praying with you, and we give a resounding "Amen!" to glory to our King in and over all things.We are praying that you will have wisdom and discernment as you continue your ministry in Uganda for the time being, and we give praise that God is sovereign and His provision is abundant and that He has a plan for you in your time there. We ask that you and your parents all walk in health and safety in this season, and that you all have peace in your hearts as you are apart. We pray that you will know joy and an overflowing of love for everyone you interact with, and will see His glory on earth in the things you participate in.

Mar 29, 2020

That the authorities in our home country of the U.S. would enforce tighter restrictions. In Ecuador, we are now on 24 hour curfew. President Moreno has mandated very strict restrictions for the entire country, including not allowing public movement between provinces. which seemed to be working, except someone smuggled 70 infected patients in a delivery truck to the Santo Domingo province. PLEASE PRAY THAT ALL, ABSOLUTELY ALL, PEOPLE WORLDWIDE WILL START COMPLYING. S. - Ecuador

We are praying with you, for this Coronavirus situation worldwide, and specifically for where you are in Ecuador. We're praying that people in your community will heed the advice of the authorities and choose to stay home, and that your example will be an encouragement to those you know. We're praying that leaders worldwide will make wise decisions and will listen to those around them who are wise and care for the common good of the people. We are asking that you will know peace from God as you trust in Him alone, that you will walk in light and be protected as you lay your worries and anxieties at His feet.

Mar 28, 2020

Please pray for my anxiety levels to go down and get better sleep. My parents are high risk in a country that has very bad medical care. My kids online schooling is a challenge. My husband to pastor and meet the needs of our congregation in new ways. For refugee families  who are left without jobs are in need of many things; pray for the church to be able to meet these needs. And many members of the church are losing their jobs either temporarily or permanently. N. - Spain

We are so grateful to be able to come alongside you in prayer. We are praying that you will know the God of peace over your anxiety, stress and worry, and that He will cover you with His hand of rest as you sleep. We are praying protection and health over you and your whole family, especially your parents. We are asking for wisdom, grace and joy as you step into the challenge of helping your kids navigate a new way of schooling, that you will encourage them and there will be peace among your family in this area. We're asking for wisdom and discernment for your husband as he figures out a new way to shepherd those in your congregation, and for you as you support and encourage him. We are praying for the refugee families and those in your congregation who are experiencing loss of income, routine and the stability they are accustomed to. Lastly we are praying that you will have time to meet with the Lord and allow Him to love on and minister to you as you continue to give of yourself to so many around you.

Mar 28, 2020

Hello, some moments are hard and some are not so bad. In this strange time I’m having a bit of difficultly feeling motivated and focused. I was already feeling some lack in passion in the work I was doing and with normal ministry being put on pause it hasn’t really helped. M. - Cambodia

We are praying for you to be able to step back, rest and allow God to refocus your heart and eyes on Him and on what He is calling you to in this season. We are asking that He give you a renewed sense of hope and joy for the ministry to which He has called you, and pour out refreshment and restoration over you from head to foot and all within. We are also praying that you will know peace in the midst of this season we are all in.

Mar 26, 2020

We are under martial law and lockdown. Pray we can creatively reach out to our friends and neighbors even when we can’t visit them. C.

We are praying with you for safety and health as you walk through the lock down and the new routines that come with it. We are praying that you will be filled with ideas and resources to reach out and love your friends and neighbors through new ways of communication. We are praying that you will be able to build new relationships with those around you, and that people will be drawn to you as they see the light of Jesus in your words and actions. We are also asking that you be filled with peace and step into the rest of Jesus during this season.

Mar 26, 2020

1. Praying for Prison Fellowship Cambodia staff most importantly for their health, peace & comfort in their mind and heart. 2. Praying for healing for the nation and what is going on around us. 3. Funding for 2020. M. - Cambodia

Thank you for reaching out! We are praying for protection, health and wellness over the Prison Fellowship staff, and for peace and comfort over their hearts and minds. We are praying for healing for the nation of Cambodia - both physically and spiritually. We ask that God would be abundant and timely in His provision for finances and funding for this year, and beyond. Lastly, we are praying that you will know a renewed sense of peace and partnership with the Lord as you walk with Him and serve Him, that you will know Him in all of the details throughout your day.

Mar 26, 2020

Please pray for discernment. We were in the beginning phase of a transition in our ministry when the changes related to the virus began. We are seeking to know if we should continue in the new directions in ministry or if we need to pause and remain in the ministries we have been working in. Also please pray for financial wisdom as we try to decide where to tighten up and how to remain generous as the world's economies are changing. N. - Czechia

We are praying with you for wisdom and discernment in the decisions before you about continuing your transition or remaining where you are, that you will know God's voice as He leads and be secure in peace once the decisions are made. We are praying for wisdom in finances as everything has shifted and changed over the last few weeks, that as you listen to God's voice you will continue to know His provision in every area every day, as He gives the daily bread as you ask for it. We are also praying that you will know joy instead of anxiety and peace where worry and stress try to come in, as you fix your eyes on Jesus and trust Him alone.

Mar 26, 2020

Please pray for sensitivity and creativity in meeting the needs of others (neighbors, disciples, staff, etc.) during confinement. D. - France.

We're praying with you as you are confined and still desire to meet the needs of those around you. Praying for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as you seek to be creative and open to meeting the needs of your neighbors, those you disciple and the staff you work with. We are asking that as you seek to tangibly meet the needs of those in your life that their hearts will be softened to the love of and movement of the Holy Spirit as He desires to draw them closer to Himself. We're praying that as you spend time with the Lord you will be filled up in the areas where you have felt worn out and depleted, that you will know His grace, love and delight in you.

Mar 26, 2020

Please pray for safety for our family and community members. There are now 14 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Uganda. The government has increased restrictions including the closing of borders. We are particularly concerned for our refugee families who are vulnerable and at risk. Please pray for God's peace, comfort, provision and strength. M. - Uganda

We are praying with you! Praying safety, protection and health over your family and members of your community. We are praying for wisdom and good guidance from the government. We are asking that the refugee families you minister to will know God's protection and presence in new and tangible ways. Praying that you, your family and community will experience God's goodness to you in so many ways, that you will walk in His peace and comfort, that You will know His abundant provision and that His strength will be what you stand on always, for each new day.

Mar 26, 2020

Please pray for the students and staff of HOPE International school who have suddenly been confined to schooling at home. Many of them are in challenging circumstances and are anxious, unsure and lonely. Those remaining in country know the health challenges and are feeling anxious about the what-ifs. Please pray for the teachers who are trying their best to provide a solid educational experience while they themselves are dealing with a lot of the same emotions and fears.

We are praying for the students and staff of HOPE International School, that as they all deal with the unexpected interruption to the routine of the rest of the semester, they will find peace and encouragement among family, friends and one another. We are praying that the students will know there work is not in vain, that they would stay focused and trust that God is at work in big and small ways. We pray protection over each student, staff member and their families as they feel anxious about sickness and all of the things yet to come. We are praying that the teachers will be creative as they reach out to their students to share the love of Jesus in tangible and simple ways.

Mar 26, 2020

As we continue to work in Kenya we are dealing with problems of economic stress and the need food and water. The virus is now on the ground and there is no such thing as social distancing here and we work with a community of very low income families with disabilities that survive a day at a time. Could you please pray for wisdom for our family on how to move forward each day; there is so so much to do and we are overwhelmed. T. - Kenya

We are praying for you, and you are not alone although it may feel like it at times. We are praying for provision for the daily needs around you and for you and your family. We are praying for protection and health and healing in the community you are working with. We are asking that God would move mountains and lift the burdens off of your hearts and shoulders in very real and tangible ways. Praying that you are given the wisdom and discernment needed as you ask for it, and that in this time of unknown and unrest you will find peace and rest for your heart and soul as you keep your eyes on God alone,

Mar 25, 2020

By Gods design I am in Canada with my aging parents. It is a blessing but also a challenge as it is apparent they need more community support or to move into a care facility. Pray that my sister and I have wisdom love and grace to care for them with the restrictions of COVID-19. M. - Peru

We are praising with you at God's provision for you to be home with your parents.We are praying for wisdom and discernment for both you and your sister in what will be best for your parents, and for you both to have peace as you trust His leading, We are praying that you will know peace and calm in the midst of this crazy season, and that as you seek Him first you will find rest and delight for your soul.

Mar 25, 2020

Please pray for our international students who are stuck here, can't go home but worry about their family members a lot. Many live isolate in small dorm rooms and feel lonely. Especially Asian students experience a lot of racist remarks and even attacks. Pray for peace, comfort and spiritual growth in these times! L. - Israel

Praying that you will know the presence and peace of God, especially as in this very strange season of uncertainty and so much unrest. Praying that God will this family and ministry with His protection, grace and presence as they love on and minister to their students who are away from their families, who may be experiencing racism and attacks. We pray for God's hand of protection over these students against anything that is not of Him, that it would be stopped  in the name of Jesus and it would fall away from them like oil from water. Praying that there would be an increase in sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as He leads, and that God would be glorified above all things, in all things.

Mar 23, 2020

Hi! So India is going to stop international flights in and out of India on Sunday. So most people from America here are headed back to the states just because we don’t know how Corona will play out here. I am leaving Delhi on Saturday at 8pm and will get to Denver on Sunday. Will you pray that - None of our flights get cancelled - That we make it safely to America - God would take away my anxious feelings? Thanks!.

Praying that you made it safely back to CO, and that you experienced God's presence and provision as you traveled. Praying for you as you readjust to being in the States, for jet lag and culture shock and the shock of coming back to a country figuring out how to deal with the pandemic at our doorstep. We are praying peace and protection over your heart and mind as you go through the emotions of the today and the past several weeks, that you will continue to trust God and His leading and presence in your life and in all things. May you be blessed and covered in the profound knowledge of God's love for and delight in you.

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