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SPEAKER - Peg Forrest

Peg is passionate for living out her calling to teach and disciple women of all ages, whether through the spoken or written word. Peg leans on her years of “on-the-job-training” as a worker in Kenya, as a biblical counselor and Dean of Women at Arizona Christian University, as well as, her experiences in leading women’s bible studies, and her love of sharing Jesus-relevant-stories, to draw women into deeper intimacy and a more secure identiy in their Savior. Peg considers herself a simple woman with a simple message to which ladies everywhere relate and are encouraged... Peg and her husband, a former 6′ 10″ NBA center for the Phoenix Suns, began Focus Ministries in 1992 on their return from Africa (, and travel world-wide, using their life-stories and experiences to share the gospel with a FreshOutlookCentering Upon the Savior. Together they have written and/or co-authored six books.

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WORSHIP LEADER - Krysta Brunelle

Krysta is a worship leader at Flatirons Community Church in Colorado. For her entire life, she wanted to find a way to use her musical gifts and passions and make a career out of them. One of her favorite things about her job is getting to lead, build up, and empower women through song and scripture. She has always had a passion for missions and has wanted to get involved in doing missions work again. She is so excited to join Azmera’s volunteer team this fall to lead worship for women from all around the world

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WORSHIP LEADER - Whitney Ohman Costa

Whitney is a worship leader at Flatirons Community Church, where she oversees all of the female volunteers on the worship teams at their 5 campuses. She has a deep passion for leading, growing and discipling young women so they may know how incredibly loved they are by Jesus, and how exceptionally beautiful they are in the eyes of Jesus. She believes that women are turned into incredible tools for the Kingdom of God when they realize who they are as the Beloved of Jesus Christ! Whitney also owns and operates a vocal and piano studio where she teaches young people to grow in their abilities and appreciation of music. She has been married to her husband Wilson for 2 years and they are hoping to soon start a family. She is so excited to be a part of this volunteer team and looks forward to leading worship for women from all over the world at Azmera’s Haven Retreat. 

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Judy Armstrong

Judy enjoys using her skills to listen and provide encouragement to women in the ministry field as they fulfil their ministry.  She is finishing up obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Leadership and Ministry.  She lives in Vancouver Washington with a wonderful dog named Buddy.

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Charlene Benson

Charlene is passionate about travel and helping others improve their lives.  She’s been to all 50 states and several countries for pleasure, church festivals, and missions. They have two sons (26 & 23), two daughters-in-law, and 2.5 grandchildren (3rd due in June).  She and her husband have been involved with Adventures in Missions since their son did the World Race in 2011.  Since becoming a counselor in 2007, she developed the Ditch People© model and Targeted Negative Belief Replacement© TNBR. She enjoys sharing the insights she learned about relationships and assisting in the healing journey of others. What better way to do that then impact women who are impacting the world?

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Crystal Boecker

Crystal was a worker in East Asia for 22 years.  She has an MA in Counseling and a seminary certificate in Spiritual Direction and is a nationally certified Pilates instructor.  She enjoys finding Creative Ways to combine her love of prayer and Connection to our bodies into retreats where women can explore ways to invite God into both of these areas in their lives. She has 2 daughters 21 and 18 and has been married to an amazing husband for 32 Years. 

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Robin Dean

Robin  has successfully homeschooled her 3 boys from preschool into college. She is a licensed physical therapist with her masters degree and has worked off and on for the past 26 years in outpatient rehab and home health. She has a degree in exercise physiology and wellness and has worked as a wellness counselor at Southwestern Seminary helping missionaries pursue healthy lifestyles through nutrition, exercise and faith. Robin has been involved as a small group Life Leader with her husband Eric for over 25years.  Passionately involved with loving, encouraging and leading people to know Jesus and to live life to their fullest is her calling.  

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Rhonda Failoni

Rhonda loves to use her counseling skills to encourage women in their relationship with the Lord. She holds a Master's Degree in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Formation and also enjoys studying and teaching God Word. She lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her wonderful husband and two children.

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Gail Fray

Gail is a southern gal who’s been happily transplanted to Colorado.  She has been married to the love of her life, Jeff, for 36 years, and they have three grown sons, two lovely daughters-in-love, and two grandchildren.  Gail has the gift of administration, and gab!  She enjoys helping things run smoothly, but is also very happy to get to know other people, their passions, their concerns, and hear their life stories.  She loves the Lord and enjoys sitting at His feet in worship and listening to His teaching. She’s made numerous international trips and has served in overseas ministry. Gail is trying her hand at writing her first book.  She also enjoys hiking, biking, camping, and sitting around the campfire in the deep woods.  She is eager to share life with the ladies at the Cyprus Azmera retreat!  

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Barb Hastings headshot_edited.png

Barb Hastings

Barb lives outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been married to her husband for 47 years.  They have 2 adult married children and 7 grandsons. She has been retired as a nurse for the past 9 years.  She has a desire to serve others and has been on the care team and children’s ministry at her church.  This will be the first international and first mission trip for her.  No opportunity or struggle is by chance and she is excited to see how the Lord will use and bless her in this way.

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Kelsey Lane

Kelsey grew up in Colorado and graduated from university about a year ago. She is currently traveling around doing photography and videography for organizations and non-profits. She is a fun loving lady to loves what she does and puts her heart into everything. She loves people and will make anyone smile and laugh with her jokes and is looking forward to creating some photography and videography for Azmera! 

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Janie Lippincott_edited.jpg

Janie Lippincott

Janie has lived in many places, moving more than twenty times with her husband and four daughters while Marv served as a Navy Chaplain.  She now lives in Western PA as a widow and retired nurse.  Traveling to visit her four married daughters and 16 grandchildren brings her much joy.  Her ever changing life has taught her to be flexible, to trust in God and to experience God's faithful provision in a myriad of circumstances.

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Jill Monarch_edited.jpg

Jill Monarch

Jill has been on staff with Cru for 26 years after a career with Conoco in Human Resources.  She is married to Thomas and has five children, age 28 to 16. She has a passion for ministering to moms of adoptive children (she has 3 herself) and special needs families. She has a certification in Beyond Suffering from the Christian Institute on Disability. With Cru, she is part of the US Staff Care division. Jill is an avid soccer fan and a 4th generation Texan. She has lived in many places throughout her life, Texas, Haiti, Alaska, Arkansas, and now Orlando Florida. 

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DawnMarie Neet

Dawnmarie is one of those gals who loves to wear many hats at a time. Currently, she serves at church doing hospitality, event planning, singing on her worship team, leading the kids in their songs and activities, and any other thing that she can get her hands on. She is passionate about coaching and equipping women and is so excited about this opportunity to encourage and bring refreshment to the women coming on this retreat. She has served on various missions trips ranging from London to Uganda and various places in between. The most memorable part of DawnMarie is her contagious laughter which brings joy to everyone around, including herself. ​​

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Annette Nicholl

Annette Nicholl served with CRU campus ministry for 20 years, 8 Years in Irkutsk, Russia.
Currently she and her husband Spencer direct a small ministry in Ohio City Colorado called Big Horn Ministries. Their mission is to help people take their next step in life and toward Christ. They offer a place in their remote Colorado location for respite and rest for those who are in crisis, burned out or just need a break. She has two kiddos, Andrew (21) and Kate (17). 

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The Lord has given Christel a deep desire to serve and encourage those in full time ministry. Building relationships with American and International workers have been a great joy for her! Christel and her husband of 31 years live in Highlands Ranch, CO. They have 3 grown daughters, a son-in-law, 2 precious granddaughters and another one on the way.

Christel Obrecht

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Sue Perdue

Sue loves people, their stories, and hearing about their adventures.  She has an MA in community counseling with an emphasis in marriage and family.  God has been able to use her counseling skills overseas in many different ways to encourage couples, families, and individuals to have a closer walk with him through encouragement, listening, and prayer. She lives in Greeley, CO with her husband, John Mark.  Their three adult children and four grand children also live in Greeley. 

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Suzanna Perdue

Suzanna lived overseas with her family as an MK/TCK. She loves to travel and meet new people, read, and cook/bake for those around her. Her heart's desire is for the Kingdom of God to come and be known on earth. Suzanna loves prayer, it's one of her favorite things; she is astounded that God continues to provide opportunities for her to minister and love through prayer, both at home and overseas. Suzanna lives in Colorado and is so blessed to have her family nearby.

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Dayle Rogers_edited.jpg

Dayle Rogers

Dayle has a deep passion to minister to the ministers of faith. Having been on staff with Cru for almost 43 years, she's spent the last twenty years working in staff care, mostly with people coming back from overseas and needing to find the transition in their roles in ministry. She's been trained in assessments and enjoys helping others see who God has made them to be, how He's invested Himself in them and giving them hope and ideas on how they can thrive with how He's made them with delight and joy. She's been married to her best friend for 44 years and is fortunate to be able to minister with him. They have six children and thirteen grandchildren--and counting.

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Shelby Smith

Shelby Smith enjoys building relationships with others and spreads her joy as she intentionally encourages them in the Lord.  After recently obtaining her cosmetology license, she has been cutting and styling hair while making others feel like the beautiful and loved people they are.  She also enjoys teaching children each Sunday at her church in Kyle, Texas. 

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Shirley Suedkamp

Shirley had a passion for storytelling and writing early in her life. When she came to the Lord at age 7, through a worker in Bangladesh, she got involved in her church right away. A friend of her mom encouraged her to be a teacher, so she did for several years. Twenty years ago the Lord led her to go to beauty school, instead of pursuing a masters in education. Now she knows that her training was to be used to care for workers. Shirley is happily married, with 2 adult children.

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Lisa Van Dyken

Lisa Van Dyken lives in the Milwaukee area and works at Children's Hospital of WI as a Nursing Supervisor in the Neonatal ICU.  She is very involved in her church as a pianist with the music ministry and has also served as a member of the women's ministry leadership team.  In her spare time, she loves spending time with her “fur-baby”, Summit, and her friends and family.  She also enjoys traveling and working on a multitude of craft or decorating projects. She has been blessed to serve on multiple short term mission trips, hear the stories of the women whom she has ministered to and learn more about how to support, encourage and pray for them as they live out their calling to serve God overseas.  She is passionate about using her spiritual gifts of service and encouragement and is thrilled to again combine them with her love for travel as she looks forward to serving on the volunteer team.

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Christean White

Christean is passionate about the cause of Christian missions and Azmera Haven Retreat's strategy of impacting women who are impacting the world. For over 34 years,  Christean has ministered to women in the church and in the marketplace as a nail technician.  She will be bringing her unique skillset to minister to the hearts of women from their head down to their toes.  

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***Azmera is a registered 501(c)3. Donations are tax deductible. Thank you!***

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