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Support Our CAMBODIA Volunteers

SPEAKER - Carey Holm

Carey is passionate about listening well to the Shepherd’s voice and pouring her life into whomever God places in her path. She is dedicated to learning  God’s Word by heart and longs that His voice be the loudest voice in her everyday life.  Working alongside of women who serve the King is a joy of hers. She desires to create space, thought and encouragement for women to learn how to listen well to the Lover of Our Souls.  She has served with CRU internationally alongside of her husband. She spent 9 years pouring into missionaries and national workers in the country of Chile. She has four children ranging from the ages of 17-23. She counts it a privilege to be part of the journey in Cambodia and walk alongside of women who are impacting others.

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Judy Armstrong

Judy enjoys using her skills to listen and provide encouragement to women in the ministry field as they fulfil their ministry.  She is finishing up obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Leadership and Ministry.  She lives in Vancouver Washington with a wonderful dog named Buddy.

Katie Gill

Katie Gill is a fun-loving, God-fearing Mama Bear who still has a crush on her husband, whom she co-owns a business with, and she also happens to be a Massage Therapist. She is passionate about the written word and is excited to transform our experiences during this retreat into our team blog that we can share with those at home who are lovingly praying over us and are curious about what we're up to. She will likely talk your ear off if you mention anything about her family, friends, students, Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, or Colorado. She is currently residing in the warm, oh-so sunny state of Arizona because apparently she likes to live where the sun scorches her skin. She is ecstatic for the opportunity to love on women who are serving overseas and to serve alongside loving, likeminded women. 

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Nan Goodenow

Nan has a desire to help others, especially women, to discover a Christ-centered perspective in the midst of life's circumstances. After spending 20 years running from God, including just short of 10 years hating Him for the death of her 3 1/2 year old son Zachery, Nan fell back into the loving, faithful arms of Jesus. Over the past 16+ years Jesus has literally "restored the years the locust have eaten" and Nan now walks fully (most of the time!) in the freedom of Christ. Her passion is to help others find that same freedom from shame, guilt and regret as Jesus replaces it with His grace, forgiveness and mercy. Nan is married to her amazing husband, Gary and is overjoyed by the graciousness of God who blended together Yours, Mine, Someone else's and Max; her 17 month old grandson and joy!

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Talitha Johnson

Talitha is passionate about using massage therapy as a tool to help bring healing to those who are hurting physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually, as they are intricately connected. She lives in Minnesota but her heart is to travel, to explore new avenues of how to share God's love through her hands, her gifts, and her passions to those in need.

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Kelsey Lane

Kelsey grew up in Colorado and graduated from university about a year ago. She is currently traveling around doing photography and videography for organizations and non-profits. She is a fun loving lady to loves what she does and puts her heart into everything. She loves people and will make anyone smile and laugh with her jokes and is looking forward to creating some photography and videography for Azmera! 

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Karen Thacker

Karen Thacker is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Smalley Marriage Intensive Coach in Lafayette CO. She helps women, men and couples effectively navigate the challenges of life. Her primary focus is guiding people toward the freedom we all have in Christ on this side of heaven through counseling, coaching and a new workbook, The Journey Forward Workbook: Daily Steps to Achieve Emotional Balance, Healthier Relationships and a Life You Can Love which will be available Fall 2017.  Karen lives in Erie, CO with her husband, David. They treasure opportunities to be with friends and family especially their five children and four grandchildren. Karen has elected to pay her own way, all donations made to Karen will go directly toward scholarships for women to attend the Haven Retreat.

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Elizabeth Molina

Elizabeth is a wife, mom to two children (ages 12 and 6), a part time teacher, and volunteer for her local church. She was born in Mexico City and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She is the youngest of 3 siblings and was raised by a courageous single mother. Elizabeth has a strong passion for travel and helping others. She is thrilled to travel to Cambodia to serve those who work on the front lines every day. She looks forward to listening to, encouraging, praying, and serving these women in all the ways God calls her to. 

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Annette Nicholl served with CRU campus ministry for 20 years, 8 Years in Irkutsk, Russia.
Currently she and her husband Spencer direct a small ministry in Ohio City Colorado called Big Horn Ministries. Their mission is to help people take their next step in life and toward Christ. They offer a place in their remote Colorado location for respite and rest for those who are in crisis, burned out or just need a break. She has two kiddos, Andrew (21) and Kate (17). 

Annette Nicholl

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Valerie Renville

Valerie has spent the last 20 years dedicated to serving either as a staff member or a lay leader in the local church.  She also graduated from Denver Seminary with a Masters in Christian Formation and Soul Care.  As one who came into a relationship with the Lord later in life, she loves to help others know the love Jesus has for them and the incredible life He gives when we see ourselves as a daughter of the King.  She enjoys meeting with people and helping them to see where the Lord is at work in their lives, especially in the mist of difficult circumstances.  Valerie believes each person is uniquely gifted and called to contribute to the Kingdom.  Her passion is to help others see who they are in Christ, to understand the gifts they have been given, and how these gifts can be lived out through their personality, experiences, and passion.  Through prayer and encouragement, she offers hope to others to live the full life Jesus came to give them (John 10:10).

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Debbie Suits

Debbie Suits grew up in Naples, Italy as a cross cultural worker's kid, and then served in Madrid, Spain with her family for 16 years.  She has three adult kids and a wonderful husband, who supports her in various ministry opportunities.  Debbie has a passion for life, the Word of God and prayer.  She loves encouraging those around her to be all that God desires them to be. 

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Melissa Crabtree

Melissa Crabtree grew up outside of a small town in Oregon and has served on the staff of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) for 25 years.  She  calls Orlando Florida and Cru HQ home but in her staff career she has had the immense privilege of serving short term in many locations around the world.  She loves sitting across the table from women, with a cup of coffee (especially the fancy drinks) or tea in hand, and hearing what God has done in their lives to bring them to where they are, and to hear their concerns, hopes and dreams for the present and the future.  Her free time is often focused on preparing meals for friends, gardening, or checking out the newest restaurant in town.

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Marian Sims

After living 27 years internationally, Marian recently moved to Orlando, Florida where she works with missionary families who are in transition. She has been married to Daniel for 30 years and they have three sons and a daughter -in-law.Marian is an experienced cross cultural worker, reflective listener, prayer minister and story teller.

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Cary Funkhouser

Cary loves Jesus and has had a relationship with Him since she was 12 years old. Her heart and passion is to walk with the Lord wholeheartedly all of her days and to share His love and His great news to all those around her. She has an adorable hubby, Brian of 25 years. They have 3 children 23, 21 and 17.  They have lived overseas in East Asia for the last 13 years and have been back in America for 1 1/2 years. She is passionate for people to grow deeply in love with the Savior.  She enjoys coffee with buddies as well as time in the outdoors.

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***Azmera is a registered 501(c)3. Donations are tax deductible. Thank you!***

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