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March 31, 2019

Greetings and Happy Sunday!

We embark on our second week of praying over the Indonesia Retreat, and we are so grateful for your faithful prayers and the time you are giving to pray over these precious sisters of ours this week. Please continue to pray as the Lord leads you and embrace the freedom He gives as He guides your prayer time. And know that He delights in your heart and loves spending this time with you!

March 31 -

B: Ask that she be given a new understanding of the unchanging fact that God sees her, He knows her, and He loves her beyond measure. Pray that she will begin to grasp the truth of God seeing and knowing her, and that she would walk in confidence of who she is and of who God is. Ask that she would trust in the name of the Lord her God always.

K: Pray that she would know how beloved by God she is, that He knows her name and delights in who she is. Ask that she would be given a renewal of joy and hope as she waits on God, that her trust and faith in Him will grow and that...

March 30, 2019

March 30:

Pray for -

A: Pray for boldness as they share their faith and their lives with those around them; ask that they be given eyes to see the opportunities they have to come alongside those they encounter, to love and encourage and be the practical hands and feet of Jesus to. Pray they would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as He leads them, that they would not get ahead of the work He is doing, but to be patient and wait on Him. Pray for joy as they experience God in new ways.

CK: For God to provide the finances and resources needed to travel and attend the Haven Retreat, that she would know peace as she waits on God. Pray for her spirit to be filled with excitement and anticipation for a place to rest and encounter the healing, gentle love of God. Pray she would know that God longs to meet with her, that what He most desires is her heart and attention. Ask for her to be met exactly as she needs, for her spirit and heart to be restored and refreshed as only Jesus can do.

T: Pray for...

March 29, 2019

Today its been a month since we did the "mini" retreat at Musana in Uganda. After traveling for about 6 hours from Entebbe, we came to Musana. This amazing ministry is located in the village of Iganga in Eastern Uganda. When we arrived we were greeted by smiling faces and welcoming hearts. We were able to tour all of the work Musana is doing in that area and hear how they hope to expand throughout Uganda. In 10 years time they have opened a High School that has one of the highest National testing success rates in the country and they're adding grade levels and training programs every year. They currently have over 500 students enrolled there and most of them live in the dorms on campus. We toured a fully functioning hospital with a Maternity/Women's Ward, Children's area, Men's Health Ward and a Dental clinic. There is a local restaurant with full guest rooms attached owned and run by the ministry to help sustain their work. We went to 2 Primary Schools - both having more than 400 stud...

March 29, 2019

March 29:

Pray for -

S: Ask that God would give abundant wisdom and discernment as they seek direction for their future in ministry and the areas in which they serve. Pray they would give heed to any caution or pauses they experience in their spirits, to find time to be still and listen to the voice of the Lord as He speaks to them about what He has in store. Pray they would make time to communicate with one another about what their hearts are desiring, and to speak in boldness and truth.

A: She is recognizing the need for rest and refreshment, pray that God would have specific places and times set aside for her leading up to and during the Haven retreat to be still and rest. Pray for her as she encourages her children in school and testing, they would know she their constant support and cheerleader. Pray she would love her family and those in her life with compassion and a gentle and warm spirit.

V: Ask that she and her family will be aware of how God provides for all of their needs, eve...

March 28, 2019

March 28:

Pray for - 

T:  Pray for them as they look for opportunities to share their faith with people they encounter and interact with. Ask that they would share in boldness, but also be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and sensitive to the people they are interacting with. Ask that they would look for opportunities to begin building relationships with the people they are around in an everyday basis. Pray for protection as they desire to be bold.

K: Pray she would embrace the identity God has given her – as a beloved, beautiful, wild daughter of the King of kings. Pray she would be given the confidence she needs to walk in freedom and fullness of life. Ask that she would trust God to provide water in the desert, life in the wilderness, and abundance of provision as He guides her on the path He has set before her.

S: Pray for her as she is transitioning through a very painful church situation. Pray that God would remind her that He is always good, that He is with her, and that nothing c...

March 27, 2019

March 27:

Pray for - 

ML: Pray that God would open her eyes to see the places He is providing for her to find rest by streams of living water, places where she can quiet her soul and reconnect with the Author of her heart. Ask that she would trust God to be with her in the “down” moments as much as He is with her in the good; pray that she would be given a new fulfilling of joy and hope.

A: Pray that she would continue to trust God as she and her family walk in faith that God is in control of their future, that all the unknowns and uncertainties to them are known and certain to God; pray that they will trust God to reveal what they need to know in His perfect timing. Ask that conflict they are experiencing with those they work with will be resolved and there would be peace.

K: Pray for wisdom and discernment as she balances work with family, both overseas and in the U.S. Pray for peace of heart and mind as she entrusts her family to God’s care, especially her father in the states who is l...

March 26, 2019

March 26:

Pray for - 

S: Pray for her to experience deep rest for her heart, soul, mind and strength, as she struggles with balance work and being a mother to two small boys. Pray she would be given the time she needs each week to rest from both work and mothering - a place away from the responsibilities where she can sit and just be. Ask that she be given wisdom and discernment in what it’s ok to say “no” to and to choose those things with boldness and peace.

K: Pray for God’s abundant provision as she and her husband raise full support, as well as desire to help with their daughter’s college tuition. Pray they would be given eyes to see the hand of the Lord wherever they go, and to walk in gratitude and grace as He provides in His time and in His way.

C: Pray for peace to cover her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet, for anxiety, fear, and worry to be cast out in the Name of Jesus. Pray she would bring all of the weariness and the anxiety she is struggling with to the cro...